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Young supporter, Finn Braybrook has recently grown and cut his hair off to raise money for Candlelighters.

In 2013, Finn was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma and spend a lot of time at Leeds Children’s Hospital having chemotherapy. During this time, Candlelighters supported Finn and his family and now he wants to give something back.

Ten year old Finn from Hambleton said, “During chemo I lost all my hair.  Whenever I got to leave the hospital people would stare. It made me feel uncomfortable for looking different and sad that my hair was gone. The girls on the ward cried a lot when their hair fell out. There were no wigs for the boys and the wigs for the girls were hot and scratchy.  When I learnt about The Little Princess Trust I decided I wanted to donate my hair so other children don’t have to go through what I did.”

He explained that although people teased him and often thought he was a girl with his long hair, he kept growing it until it was long enough to donate to The Little Princess’s Trust.

On the 20th October at Hambleton Primary School, Finn cut all his hair off to raise money for Candlelighters and donate the cut hair to make wigs for boys and girls facing childhood cancer.

Finn originally set a target of £100 but has smashed this target and raised an amazing £1025 in total, a wonderful amount, which will make a huge difference to the families and children facing childhood cancer.

Finn before the haircut!


Finn after the haircut!

Finn and his family would like to think Sammy from Talking Heads Hair and Beauty Salon who cut Finn’s hair after hearing his amazing story!

From everyone here at Candlelighters we would like to say a massive thank you to Finn, you are an inspirational young man that truly deserves to be recognised!

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