Our Values

We are Determined to defeat cancer:

  • To fight cancer, improve treatment and find cures
  • To improve the experience of young patients
  • To deliver on our promises and programmes
  • To be here for the long haul and stand shoulder to shoulder with families

We value Integrity:

  • We are transparent in all that we do
  • We are open and honest
  • We are driven by empathy for our patients and families

We believe in Fun:

  • Helping make fun memories for our patients and families
  • Making every day as positive as it can be
  • Making fun a value in our workplace

We believe in Flexibility:

  • We are adaptable to face the challenges of every day
  • We change when appropriate because we want to be the best we can
  • We don’t just debate, we make things happen

We are Engaging:

  • We communicate clearly with our patients, families and fundraisers
  • In life and death situations, we add as much life as we can
  • We are always ready to listen

At Candlelighters, we Care about children and young people with cancer:

  • We support them and their families through their treatment
  • We support the Children’s and teenager’s cancer units in Leeds
  • We support research into children’s and young people’s cancer
  • We support fundraisers in their efforts to make a difference