Each year around 150 children in Yorkshire are diagnosed with cancer. Are you able to give a regular gift to help Candlelighters support these children and their families?

Why a Regular Gift?
You don’t have to do something big to have a life-changing impact. By giving a regular gift to Candlelighters, your donations will help us make a real difference to the lives of children and their families, when faced with a cancer diagnosis.

Together, we can improve the outcomes and lives of children with cancer through vital research projects, and support ordinary families facing extraordinary circumstances through the delivery and development of our family support services.


Why regular giving is important
A regular gift helps us to plan for the future and ensures that money is available where and when it is most needed, allowing us to keep our candle burning to bring light and hope to our families, now and long into the future.



A special welcome
By becoming a Regular Giver at Candlelighters, you will receive a warm welcome from us. We will keep you updated throughout the year on our latest work and special projects.


By becoming a Regular Giver, you can help families like Hannah’s.
In such unprecedented times, families across the UK are facing challenges like never before, but for Allison Brown and her family, COVID-19 has made life more difficult than ever. Allison and partner Joseph had to face the devastating news that their daughter Hannah relapsed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at the end of 2019.

Although Hannah is remaining resilient, Allison and Joseph have been very open about their continuous struggle with their daughters’ diagnosis and the additional challenges presented by COVID-19. Allison said, “The new hospital restrictions have made things extremely hard as we aren’t able to properly comfort each other or even just give each other a hug. We have felt ripped apart.”

Allison and her family have received regular check ins with the Candlelighters family support team, virtual talking therapies and Allison attended a virtual mums group at Candlelighters during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Allison feels comforted knowing that Candlelighters will continue to be there for their family, and many other families during this challenging period and long into the future.

“Candlelighters have managed to make something beautiful in a very scary world.” Allison Brown.

Regular donations mean that we can carry on supporting families such as Hannah’s during the COVID-19 pandemic and further into the future, providing support for as long as the family need it.



*Pin badges will be sent to our wonderful regular givers when our office opens and we can use the postal service, later in September.