Kathy will be taking on the London Marathon in 2019 to raise money for Candlelighters!


Read her story below:



Why are you running for Candlelighters?

I am running the marathon to raise money and awareness for Candlelighters an amazing charity who have made a difference to our lives over the last 18 months and will continue to do so. I am ashamed to say that before Binky (Grace), was diagnosed in April 2017 I had no idea Candlelighters existed, I had no idea of the work they do and how incredible they are and how important they are in the life’s of oncology families.

Have you run a marathon before?

London will be my 3rd marathon, I have completed the Yorkshire Marathon twice.

What are you most excited / nervous about?

I’m excited and nervous at the same time to be heading to London, excited to be part of such a prestigious event, but also nervous as its huge!!

What is your biggest running achievement to date?

Biggest running achievement… The finish line!!!!

What is your favourite post-run snack?

Post run snack.. Does a pint of lager count?

What fundraising plans do you have? What top tips do you have for anyone else who wants to take on a long distance run? 

When I started running in 2015 it was because I fancied doing the Great North Run. I was laughed at… I’m not a runner and the wrong side of 40!! Anyway that made me more determined and that year I completed my first GNR, then Yorkshire Marathon the year after! I’ve always raised money for my runs, for various charities, but now I run for charities that have helped us. Yes it’s hard work running all those miles but it’s nothing in comparison to what our children go through during their treatment. I have a choice to run or not, our children have no choice and that’s what I think about when it gets tough and various body parts start hurting, our children. So to answer your question, if I can do it anyone can.

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