I have been one of the Family Events Volunteers for Candlelighters since February 2017. As a volunteer I help set up before and after an event, which involves moving furniture, setting up activities or ensuring there are enough drinks and snacks ready for the children and families who come to The Square. For me this is one of the most important jobs, making sure the environment is welcoming and ready for those who use the services @ The Square.

I’d help prepare the room, make drinks, and ensure the families had everything they needed to feel welcome and comfortable. I remember at one of the groups, I played with a patient’s younger sibling so their mum could have a cup of tea and get her hair done. She was so grateful, but I thought it was a privilege to be able to help. When families say thank you to me, I just wish I could bottle up the feeling.

Since 2018, I’ve also volunteered as a marshal at local challenge events. I felt so inspired by the Candlelighters runners, I thought maybe I could give it a go, too. I’d never run before, but having gotten to know the Candlelighters families so well through volunteering, I felt so motivated to raise money for them. In my first year of running, I completed the Leeds 10k, Great North Run and the Yorkshire Marathon for Candlelighters.
Family Event Volunteer
Stacy volunteering at a Family Event

Being a volunteer for Candlelighters gave me the confidence I needed to find the right role for my new career, it also made me realise how wonderful the Square and the Candlelighters team are. It has been incredibly valuable and rewarding and I feel so proud to be part of the volunteer team.

Candlelighters makes me who I am, and I am truly blessed to be part of the amazing Candlelighters family. The little time I offer is never about me – it’s about an amazing charity that supports families and children affected by childhood cancer and I will always do all that I can to keep the candle burning.

It has been incredibly valuable and rewarding and I feel so proud to be part of the volunteer team.