Champ's Champions

It’s a sad fact that most of us will know someone impacted by cancer, whether that be a colleague, friend, or family member. When it’s a child that has cancer it’s especially hard, and it’s important that people have ways to come together to make a positive difference. Whatever your business is, you have the power to bring smiles back to faces and give hope to families, possibly families that you know.

Become a Champion

An amazing group of businesses have partnered with Candlelighters as Champ’s Champions and we’d love you to join. We already think you’re champion just by reading this and finding out about the difference you can make. Let us tell you, you will make a huge difference!

“Candlelighters really stood out to us in the level of support they provide to families, from emotional and financial support to family holidays, to hospital accommodation and funding cancer research. We couldn’t think of a more worthy cause to get behind.” – FOD Mobility Group

How your support makes a difference

Members of Champ’s Champions target themselves to fundraise or donate £2000 or more over the course of a year.

This incredible amount could enable 5 children to receive a course of talking therapy sessions to help them come to terms with their cancer diagnosis and work through their feelings, worries and anxieties.

We’re Champions Together

Just like your business where you have teams of incredible people making your dreams a reality, you’ll be joining a team of individuals passionate about making lives better for children with cancer. We’ll work with you every step of the way to achieve your goals.

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“We’ve been getting involved in lots of fun ways – we had a pancake decorating competition, an Easter egg competition, one of our executive team were gunged in pink goo for Pink It Up week, and a World Baking Day sale that got the whole office block together to raise money!” – Hannah Taylor

Rewards for Champions

Businesses that partner with us have told us they benefit hugely from the partnership. As well as fulfilling CSR objectives, businesses tell us their teams are incredibly motivated by the activities they do to raise or donate money, knowing they’ve been able to make things that little bit better for a child with cancer in their local community. Publicity and public awareness are a great reward for both us and our business partners and we love being able to celebrate your successes publicly.

Be a Champion today

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