Last summer we ran an amazing project called ‘Remember with Pride’ with a animation company called Twinvision. They worked with bereaved siblings to create a Wallace and Gromit style animation film based on a cherished memory that they had of their brother or sister.

The kids worked tirelessly on their animation from start to finish, which included drawing storyboards of their memories, creating the characters and sewing their clothes, making the sets, acting the scenes with the characters and finally adding voice overs. At the end of this project the child had their own animation on a DVD and was welcomed to an Oscar ceremony where their films were presented for the first time to their families.

During this whole process Twinvision filmed snippets of every stage from beginning to end, which resulted in an amazing documentary of the project!

We are very much looking forward to running this again this summer with more brothers and sisters.

Written by Natalie Kisby, Family Support Manager at The Square

If you are interested, please get in touch. The film of the project can be viewed below.