Candlelighters are being supported throughout 2016 by former rugby player, Craig Wright (a.k.a. Wrighty), who isn’t shaving his head or beard for the entire year!

Craig’s desire to support Candlelighters stems from his son’s diagnosis of Burkitts Lymphoma in 2008 at the age of 12. Speaking of Andrew’s treatment and time with Candlelighters, Craig said: “Fortunately, Andrew after a long period of treatment, got better and after undergoing a full remission period has recovered to a point where he is now living a normal healthy adult life.”

“Those dark days will never leave me though and Candlelighter’s were always there for me, my family and most importantly Andrew.”

“At the time I tried to show my respect for their involvement and organised a few events which raised four figures for their very noblest of causes. Now though, fully focused and as grateful as ever I want to get them five figures (the higher the better). With your help I am sure we can do this together.”

Craig had his last shave just before midnight on New year’s Eve 2015 at the Burley Conservative Club, and is not allowed even a tiny trim until 1st January 2017.

Craig added: “Just remember, every donation helps poorly children in the region – if there’s a better cause I’ve yet to see it.”

You can sponsor Craig through his JustGiving page: