Candlelighters bus day out
£300 Candlelighters bus out for the day across Yorkshire for easy access for families

The Candlelighters bus is one of our most recent developments, having been launched in 2016. The fully converted single decker bus travels to different locations across Yorkshire, bringing the services of The Square to places nearer the homes of families we support. Research showed that families who live further away from Leeds did not receive the same level of support as those who live closer to Leeds. We want all families to be able to access all the support they may need, yet it can be difficult for some families to visit The Square for many reasons; cost of travel, length of journey or if a family is bereaved, they may not want to visit a place which could trigger emotions and memories. By sponsoring the bus for a day, even more families can benefit from the support it provides.


Did you know?

Our virtual range allows you to see what your money could buy. Candlelighters spends money on many items that help to provide vital support to families fighting children’s cancer. Your purchase from our virtual range will help us to provide these items and more.


Every penny donated counts and will make a huge difference to families facing childhood cancer across Yorkshire. If you would kindly like to make a donation, you can so here and we thank you kindly


Christmas party for all children

£4000 could cover the cost of the entire Christmas party, creating memories for over 250 children and their parents


Pay for one families Christmas

Christmas can be an expensive time for all families, especially when a family is also facing the cost of cancer.

Where you can get merchandise, sign up for events and support our work by purchasing a virtual gift or make a donation. Every penny of the profit will go towards the work we do supporting families across Yorkshire.© Karen Turner Photography, header image.