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Back by popular demand!

No one expects a visit from childhood cancer until it knocks on your door.

When it does, the patterns of life go out of the window and the impact on families is beyond belief.

Chef Steve Holding of The Pig & Pastry in York and his family know first hand. Steve and Julia’s daughter Ruby battled cancer and during that time were supported by Candlelighters.  Their renowned eatery on York’s ‘Bishy Road’ has been a real local success story and to celebrate this and support Candlelighters they have published this high end, hard back cookery book, with all profits being donated to Candlelighters, they don’t make a penny.

The book wouldn’t have happened without the talents of Karen Turner who produced a wonderful set of photos to accompany Steve’s recipes.  Alex Vintila gave her time to ensure the design reflected the amazing atmosphere at The Pig & Pastry.  Justine Brooks also donated her time to edit the book and make sure everything came together in time.

Please enjoy Steve’s food, enjoy the ideas in this book that will excite your taste buds and whilst you are doing this remember that by buying this book you are helping families face the greatest trial of their lives.


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Did you know?

Our virtual range allows you to see what your money could buy. Candlelighters spends money on many items that help to provide vital support to families fighting children’s cancer. Your purchase from our virtual range will help us to provide these items and more.

With each virtual gift purchase you will receive a certificate and a letter explaining your money could buy. You can keep this for yourself or buy it as a gift and give it to a loved one.

Cottage Artwork "Hope" - Balloon - £25

Sponsorship of a smaller balloon in the art work “Hope” installed in the Candlelighters Cottage garden.


Cottage Artwork "Hope" - Balloon - £50

Sponsorship of a large balloon in the art work “Hope” installed in the Candlelighters Cottage garden.


Cottage Artwork "Hope" - Figures - £300

Sponsorship of a figure on the art work “Hope” installed in the Candlelighters Cottage garden.

Where you can get merchandise, sign up for events and support our work by purchasing a virtual gift or make a donation. Every penny of the profit will go towards the work we do supporting families across Yorkshire. © Karen Turner Photography, header image.