The Candlelighters Cottage – children’s book


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A brick is just a building block, it’s nothing on its own

But when it’s joined by thousands more, it turns into a home

And building strong foundations is what Candlelighters do

With little twists of magic and a round of robins too!


This delightful and enchanting book, written in rhyming couplets, tells the story of how the Candlelighters Cottage magically comes to life with the help of our feathered friends.

Written by local author Donna Iliffe-Pollard and illustrated by Christina Little.

All proceeds are being donated to Candlelighters.

The author and illustrator have very kindly undertaken this project to support the charity and the opening of our Cottage. a new home from home accommodation for families to stay together when their child is being treated for cancer at Leeds Children’s Hospital.

The book was the brainchild of the author, Donna, who wanted to support the Lord Mayor of Leeds Charity Appeal 2017/18 (Candlelighters was the chosen charity). The idea behind the book was for children staying at the Cottage, who are away from home at what is often a very distressing time, to feel safe and comfortable.

The story is a wonderful, calming and fun bedtime read for all children.

Includes foreword by the Lord Mayor of Leeds 2017/18, Cllr Jane Dowson.

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