CCAM Pin Badge

Wear your Gold Pin Badge proudly in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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Did you know?

Our virtual range allows you to see what your money could buy. Candlelighters spends money on many items that help to provide vital support to families fighting children’s cancer. Your purchase from our virtual range will help us to provide these items and more.

Candlelighters Christmas Cracker

The support we give families throughout December costs around £125,000. Donate £10 towards our work and download your lovely Candlelighters Christmas Cracker certificate.


Games, Toys, Arts & Crafts

Every day in both the clinic and the wards in the hospital our children are busy using art materials



Each year every family that is on active treatment is offered a holiday in the UK by Candlelighters.

Where you can get merchandise, sign up for events and support our work by purchasing a virtual gift or make a donation. Every penny of the profit will go towards the work we do supporting families across Yorkshire.© Karen Turner Photography, header image.