50 fun things to do

A book to entertain children of all ages with lots of different activities to choose from. Ideal for rainy days, sunny days, school holidays, parties, playing with friends, family time or just something fun to do when the boredom kicks in. Most of the activities have been designed so that you will need very few materials, just lots of imagination and creativity! This book was inspired by Harry Phillips and his fight against leukaemia.  It was originally as a one-off for Harry to enjoy when he had to stay home from school or in the hospital.  He has since made lots of very impressive creations from his book. The book has now been reprinted in the hope that other children can also enjoy it and with the aim of raising money for Candlelighters, a fantastic charity that Harry and his family support.

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Pyjamas & toiletries

This provides basic items to parents who have to unexpectedly stay overnight at the hospital.


Massage for parent

A cancer journey can be a stressful time, massage therapies can help relieve stress and anxiety and help people to sleep better.

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