Cushion with geometric design
cushion for yellow room

Cushion with geometric design for bed and armchair in yellow bedroom.

In return for your donation we will send you a certificate of thanks. If your gift to us is made on behalf of someone else, for example an alternative birthday or Christmas gift, we are able to issue a gift certificate for you to give them instead.

We will use your kind donation to purchase the item, or one of equivalent value and quality, for use in our Candlelighters Cottage. The Cottage is due to open in 2018.

Please note: any monies donated for specific items that may be surplus, for example the item is reduced in price when purchased or donated by the manufacturer, will be used towards the Candlelighters Cottage project to cover the general costs of refurbishment.

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Did you know?

Our virtual range allows you to see what your money could buy. Candlelighters spends money on many items that help to provide vital support to families fighting children’s cancer. Your purchase from our virtual range will help us to provide these items and more.

With each virtual gift purchase you will receive a certificate and a letter explaining your money could buy. You can keep this for yourself or buy it as a gift and give it to a loved one.


Every penny donated counts and will make a huge difference to families facing childhood cancer across Yorkshire. If you would kindly like to make a donation, you can so here and we thank you kindly


Pyjamas & toiletries

This provides basic items to parents who have to unexpectedly stay overnight at the hospital.


Massage for parent

A cancer journey can be a stressful time, massage therapies can help relieve stress and anxiety and help people to sleep better.

Where you can get merchandise, sign up for events and support our work by purchasing a virtual gift or make a donation. Every penny of the profit will go towards the work we do supporting families across Yorkshire. © Karen Turner Photography, header image.