On the 18th May, York based printing company, Inc Dot held a cake and coffee morning to raise money and awareness of childhood cancer.

Managing director of the company, Nick Turnbull, also pledged to dye his hair bright pink to match the Candlelighters colours, giving their fundraiser that extra wacky edge!

At the age of 14, Nick’s daughter, Rose, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, resulting in two gruelling years of cancer treatment. During her cancer journey, Candlelighters supporter Rose and her family, bringing a sense of normality at a very difficult time.

Rose at 14, on treatment.

Rose said, “Candlelighters certainly helped me more than I thought possible to be ‘normal’ in the most unlikely of times. Providing family support, countless activities including media workshops, trips away, IT equipment for teenagers to use and even down to a dinner lady who would do her absolute best to get you what you fancied! All this helped you to feel like you had some normality back in your life and as a growing teenager already struggling to find their identity I think that is the most important thing when going through such harsh treatment. It’s safe to say my cancer journey would have been very different without the support of Candlelighters. They truly are a wonderful charity. They help a lot of young people have a reason to get out of their hospital bed in the morning, and smile like you didn’t think you would be able to.”

Rose today!

Nick commented saying, “We want to help Candlelighters any way we can in order to thank them for the support they offered Rose when she was poorly!”

Nick’s pink hair!

We would like to thank Nick and the team at Inc Dot for their fabulous fundraising efforts! If you would like to support them, please visit their Just Giving page and donate, as every penny given will make a huge different to families like Rose’s who are facing childhood cancer.

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