Please be the spark that keeps our candle burning so we can bring light to families in these darkest of times.

COVID-19 has affected all of our lives in countless ways. But even now as we strive to build a new normal and ease out of lockdown, for families facing childhood cancer, whose lives have already been turned upside down, the emotional and financial lockdown will continue.


As restrictions are lifted, this presents a more daunting phase of the pandemic for families. Many are facing extreme psychological and emotional challenges as they make decisions on how to adapt to new guidelines, whilst limiting risk and protecting their child.


Ongoing uncertainty and frequently changing guidelines make this a much more challenging landscape to navigate compared with the ‘certainty’ that came with a full government lockdown. Decisions such as parents returning to work and siblings returning to school are putting extra pressure on what can often be a strained family unit. With usual support networks still reduced and anxiety heightened, many families face threats to their mental wellbeing.


Families continue to experience financial distress due to loss of earnings, mounting costs and concerns over job security. Although restrictions are gradually being eased, we expect the economic impact on families affected by childhood cancer to be felt for many months to come.


“Whilst everyone is rushing to get back to some form of normality and looking forward to being social again, our little family won’t likely see any kind of normal… Lockdown will last much longer for us.” Allison, Mum.


For 40 years Candlelighters has brought light to children and their families in the darkest of times, by providing emotional, practical and financial support. The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic will be felt by our families for some time, and for as long as it is, we will be there to support them. By continuing to offer our adapted family support services, we will ensure families do not face these uncertain times alone.


Our support services include child and adult talking therapies, virtual peer support groups and a range of wellbeing therapies, all of which we provide virtually. We have increased our financial grant provision to alleviate the heightened financial pressure our families are facing.


Since lockdown began until the end of June, we have delivered:

–             Financial grants to 52 families (totalling £24,150)

–             Regular check-ins to 28 families

–             153 arts & crafts sessions

–             34 peer support groups

–             86 number of talking therapies

–             93 number of wellbeing sessions


“He loved today’s craft session, thank you so much. I feel he really comes out of himself and values himself during the sessions. It does him so much good!… He’s had so many massive knockbacks (like all the kids you deal with) and these sessions are such a positive distraction and aid for him.” Mum


We have continued to provide and fund other core services wherever safe and possible, from our Outreach Play Specialist making essential visits to children most in need, to providing the children on the wards with support from the Candlelighters Dinner Lady and the Play Team, to making special memories for families whose children are receiving end of life care.


We are determined to keep our candle burning and without you, we cannot make this happen.


Candlelighters relies solely on the generous support of the community to continue delivering our services and like many charities, we have seen a huge gap in funding due to mass participation event cancellations and a severe drop in community and corporate fundraising. Our income has been reduced by 40% and we expect this to continue, if not worsen, for the foreseeable future.


If we can’t keep our candle burning we will be unable to bring light to families in these darkest of times.


Please see below for just some of the ways you can be the spark that keeps our candle burning.


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By making a donation, big or small, you will keep our candle burning and bring light to families affected by childhood cancer in Yorkshire.

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Use your Imagination

It is vital for our charity that our amazing supporters continue to imagine new and unique ways to fundraise. Whatever you choose to do, our team will be here to support you every step of the way.

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Take part in the Great Yorkshire Challenge

Do The Great Yorkshire Challenge and support a Great Yorkshire Charity. Get your flat cap on and come up with a Yorkshire-themed fundraiser to help families across the region.

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