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Candlelighters themed Christmas tree.
A very carefully decorated, Candlelighters-themed Christmas tree.

This Christmas, Merlin Top Primary pupils took the opportunity to think of those facing tough challenges over the festive period by staging a Christmas Tree festival.

Selecting and researching charities, the young pupils teamed up to decorate Christmas trees to a charity theme. Candlelighters were delighted to be one of the selected charities, with a class of 5 year olds working hard to create a ‘Candlelighters tree’ (see picture above) in a bid to raise funds to help other young children with cancer.

Once the children had finished decorating the tree it was placed in Keighley Airedale Shopping Centre, where generous supporters made donations and raised £67.50 for Candlelighters.

We would like to say a massive thank you and Merry Christmas to the pupils and teachers at Merlin Top Primary school for all of their hard work on the Christmas tree festival, and to the Keighley community for their support of this fundraising project.

For further information on the event, see this Keighley News article.

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