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We’d like to say a huge thank you to Sean Etherington, and the team at his regular, the Hope Inn Pub, who are helping run a charity event partially in aid of Candlelighters.

All the proceeds will be split equally between Candlelighters and Sean’s friend Mark, to support him while he is unable to work due to his treatment.

The event will run from 10am-2pm on 11th February, with fundraising activities such as an auction, raffle, football card games and a collection.

Sean said: “We currently have a Facebook auction for a stay at an 8 bed villa in Spain, with a current bid of £800. We have also already sold some rare Adidas Glasgow trainers online for £300!”

Sean added: “We will also be honouring another friend, Moody, at the beginning of the event by unveiling a plague in his memory. He was tragically killed three years ago.”

“The whole event has been organised by Leeds United supporters for fellow fans, Mark and Moody.”

The Hope Inn Fundraiser

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