Tell me more about The Square

The Square is a building, full of friendly faces, situated in Leeds city centre, just a one minute walk from Leeds Children's Hospital. Here you can have a quiet moment to yourself, or share your stories with people who will understand what you’re going through. It’s for anyone affected by childhood cancer, whether the child is on treatment, has finished treatment or has passed away. Whether it be mum, dad, a brother or sister, grandparent, or even a close friend or patient, we offer support for all. There are massage and talking therapists available for bookings, plenty of tea and coffee, and a lot of friendly faces.

When is The Square open?

The Square is open from 10am to 4pm from Monday to Friday, apart from Thursday when we are open on the evenings too (Thursday hours are 10am to 8pm). We are not just open for those who have booked wellbeing therapies- any family members are welcome to drop in to get a tea or coffee, or even just have a place to sit.

What is happening at The Square?

Each month we release a calendar so all users of The Square and The Bus can keep informed and up to date. The calendar gives a month by month view of what services, events and support are available for families. Click the links below to view the upcoming calendars:

The Candlelighters Calendar December 17

Inside The Square!

How do I contact The Square?

How do I get to The Square?

Our address is 8 Woodhouse Square, Leeds, LS3 1AD. If you are at Leeds Children's Hospital, turn left outside the main entrance and walk ahead. Turn right at Eckersley House and cross the road. The Square is just down the street, next to Clarendon Dentists.