Family Network Groups

Family Network Groups connect family members and past patients who’ve been affected by childhood cancer from across Yorkshire.

Be it a walk… a cuppa, sporting event or a chat, Family Network Groups are informal social events, organised by volunteers who themselves have been affected by childhood cancer. Whether sharing stories, coping strategies or simply having some time out, Family Network Groups are a great opportunity to connect with others who ‘Get it’.

Photo shows Dan, Louise, Tracey, Julie, Gemma and Stacey – our Family Network Volunteers

“It has changed my life forever and I am not the person I was when I started this journey, but talking to people who have had similar experiences has made me feel less isolated and allowed me to talk openly about what I am going through without being judged”.

– A Mum, August 2017

“Nobody really understands what it is like to be affected by Childhood Cancer until it happens to you. Talking to others who have been there and “Get it” is amazing.  You do not have to explain how you are feeling or make apologise or explain why you cancelled your plans.  There is a general sense of understanding, it is fine to talk about how you feel equally its fine if you don’t want to talk. You find that you are not alone and that how you are feeling is normal.  The not sleeping, stiff and aching neck, shoulders and back are common features of others that have been affected.  The constant worry about absolutely everything is normal.  The fact that there are not enough hours in the day to do everything.  Juggling work, school, hospital appointments, family life, whilst totally neglecting yourself.   The Network is time for me to talk, unload, relax and recoup. It is time for me to be me.” – Mum 2018