This month’s Company of the Month is Caddick Group!

In the last 18 months, the Caddick Group have donated over £21,000 to Candlelighters. This began with their decision to fund a day at Candlelighters in February 2019. This year, the Caddick Group hosted the incredible ‘Moment In Time’ Ball on February 29th, raising £12,000 for Candlelighters, and for four other charities. The evening was absolutely fantastic and was our last big event before COVID-19 desecrated our plans here at Candlelighters.

Our Corporate Partnerships Executive, Amy, at the ball earlier this year.

Kairen, Head of CSR at the Caddick Group, stayed in touch throughout lockdown, offering support, encouragement and a listening ear too. Upon return to their office, Kairen set about planning her response to the crisis, and how this lovely business could support charities like Candlelighters when we need it most.

In August, the Caddick Group made the decision to fund another day at Candlelighters.

A day at Candlelighters means making each moment as fun and as positive as it possibly can be. It means making special memories for families to treasure forever, and it means another day of fighting cancer, improving the lives of children who have cancer, and standing shoulder to shoulder with Yorkshire families who need us. Each day at Candlelighters brings a new opportunity for us to bring light and hope to families at the darkest time of their life.

A day at the charity costs £5500.

Amy, our Senior Corporate Partnerships Executive, had a virtual chat with Kairen following their amazing donation, and asked a few important questions and advice for other businesses wanting to make a difference to their community:

Amy: What makes the Caddick Group so passionate about charitable giving?

Kairen: A great motivator for us is remembering the gift of good health. We devote a lot of time to selecting the organisations with which we work and look for meaningful partnerships with our nominated charities. This helps us maintain enthusiasm when we’re fundraising and dig deep when we’re donating.

Why did you choose to fund a day at Candlelighters?

Our charitable giving prioritises organisations who work with children and young people, as well as those helping to fight cancer. We love the fact that Candlelighters provide lasting memories for families whose children are facing harsh cancer treatment and also funds vital research to help eradicate such diseases.

Seeing the children you support and the devastating impact their diagnosis can have is heartbreaking; it’s indescribable and can tear families apart. As a family business and a close-knit team, we’ve had colleagues touched by cancer and that makes us especially keen to support Candlelighters, who are here to help and keep the family together.

What message would you send to other businesses looking to support Candlelighters?

Our relationship with Candlelighters is over a year old now and we’ve found the team top-notch. Their energy and enthusiasm shines through every day and in every initiative. That makes it a pleasure to work with them and for our name to be associated with this significant charity.

Amy said “The Caddick Group are amazing partners, and Kairen is an incredible Head of CSR. She listens to what we need, offers so much support and cares passionately about the community in which the Caddick Group operate. Their support, and this most recent donation, really will help to keep our candle burning, and it is because of partners like the Caddick Group that we can continue to bring light to families at what is still the darkest of times.”

Thank you Caddick Group!


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