Stuck what to do over the Easter weekend? :rabbit::carrot: Why not Colour In Champ? :star2::heart_eyes::art: 

We would absolutely LOVE to see your creations! Go wild!:star2: Draw Champ in the jungle:gorilla::palm_tree:, place him under a rainbow :rainbow: or paint him on an Easter egg?:speak_no_evil::egg:

:star::reminder_ribbon:Whatever you choose to do, make sure you send in your creations to and we’ll pop them all together in one BIG social media collage for the world to see! :earth_africa::rainbow::star:

:point_right::skin-tone-3:Download our colouring in sheets, simply click on the links below and upload to print:

Blank Champ:

Crayon Champ:

Splat Champ:

Colour In Champ 1

Colour in Champ 2Colour in Champ plain

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