03/12/15Our stories
The raffle was drawn at the Royal Armouries on Sunday 29 November.
And the winners are…
1st prize, donated by The Coniston Hotel – ticket 71338
2nd prize, donated by CallCredit – ticket 17972
3rd prize, donated by Harrogate Audi – ticket 13723
4th prize, donated by Lister Horsfall Jewellers – ticket 91631
5th prize, donated by Emmerdale – ticket 26824
6th prize, donated by Mark Swinford Photography, ticket 57110
*** if you have ticket 57110, please contact us with your original stub ***
7th prize, donated by Janice Hicken, ticket 96256
8th prize, donated by Jorvik Centre York, ticket 23020
9th prize, dontated by The Deep Hull, ticket 30803
10th prize, donated by Eureka Halifax, ticket 89193
Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all who donated these amazing prizes!


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