BUSINESSES OF YORKSHIRE! Are you up for a challenge? Introducing the #BigPinkPaperclip! We’re looking for individuals or teams of up to 5 to trade the humble pink paperclip for the highest value item they can!

If you choose to accept the challenge, you will be competing against other teams across Yorkshire. Once the challenge is complete, everyone will be invited to a special evening of celebration to recognise your commitment. There will even be awards for standout performances!

Every year, Candlelighters need to raise £1.6million to deliver our services. Your participation in the Big Pink Paperclip challenge will help us achieve this, as all items you collect will be used in our fundraising!

If you or your business would like to take part, please email to request your pack!

What happens when?

  1. You will receive a pink paperclip in the post with a starter pack including a letter of authority to collect for us, and information about the charity
  2. If you’d like to, you can book a meeting to visit Candlelighters and see what we do first hand
  3. You can begin trading from the 4th February! You can trade as many times as you want to, and you can start or stop at any point within this time frame
  4. Trading ends at 5pm on the 31st May, at which time all prizes should be returned to Candlelighters, to be received by 7th June 2019.
  5. There will be a celebration event in July for all participants
  6. All prizes will be used for fundraising purposes throughout the year!

Why take part?

This challenge is a fantastic way to encourage healthy competition in the office (and across the county!) take part in some team building and have fun all whilst giving back to a cause. The challenge requires teamwork, strategic thinking, creativity, resilience, communication and confidence, and is the perfect way to get involved with a local charity.

As part of your involvement you will receive:-

  • Publicity across our social media channels
  • A mention on the website, listing businesses taking part
  • An invite to a networking celebration event with other businesses who have taken part
  • A visit to Candlelighters for the whole team (if you would like to!)


Do we have to trade every item?

NO! The paperclip MUST be swapped for your first item (regardless of what this item is). Additional items should be offered as a trade, but do not have to be swapped if your contact is willing to donate your next higher value item for nothing.

For example, if you accept a television in exchange for the paperclip, you must give the generous donor the paperclip.

If you are then offered a holiday, but the holiday provider does not want to accept the television, this is fine! You are able to keep both the television and the holiday (result!)

What do we do with more than one item?

You can hold on to these items until trading ends. Alternatively, you could raffle, auction, sell or continue to trade one or more of your items! Please make sure you give the letter of authority to EVERY provider that donates to you, so that they have access to information about the challenge. It is essential that all funds raised or prizes collected benefit the fundraising of Candlelighters and it is up to your team to decide what strategy you choose to generate the most amount of money for Candlelighters.

Would Candlelighters raffle or auction a cash prize?

It is more likely that we will use cash donations as part of our fundraising. Every year, we need to raise 1.6 million in order to run the charity, so any money raised will go directly to making this happen.

Where will you auction or raffle our prizes?

It will depend on the prize! We will work hard to ensure that we use each prize to generate the best possible income. High value items work really well in an auction. We have an auction each year at our inaugural Candlelighters Awards, and we also host balls and events throughout the year that tend to include auctions. We may also donate prizes to third parties who are hosting an auction on our behalf.  We also have a Grand Christmas raffle each year, where we require a mixture of high value star prizes, and lower value prizes too. We are also very lucky that our supporters host raffles for us throughout the year, so we might pass on prizes to our affiliated supporters to raffle on our behalf. Basically, we will use your very kindly won prizes for the benefit of the charity, in whatever way we think will generate the best possible result!

How will you know who has won the Big Pink Paperclip Challenge?

Once all prizes have been collected, we will total the estimated value of each prize collected. The winner will be the team that has collected prizes to the highest value. This will be the TOTAL amount collected (it might be one high value prize or made up of lots of smaller prizes) We will also have a prize for ‘Most Innovative Use of The Big Pink paperclip’, ‘Best Team Spirit’ and ‘Best Use of Social Media’

How do we win these additional prizes?

Most Innovative- This will all depend on that all important FIRST TRADE! We will be taking into account the prize you obtained, how you obtained it, and what that then went on to generate!

Best Team Spirit- This is all about a team that worked together to make this a success, showed passion and enthusiasm, even when faced with challenges! This will  also be shown on social media! We are looking for photos of the team completing trades or getting donations for free, and a healthy amount of competition displayed with other teams also active on social media!

Best Use of Social Media- This one is obvious! Please consult your social media leaflet. We want to be able to track your successes and celebrate them- the more we see the #BigPinkPaperclip, the better!!

What do we win?

Teams will win a certificate to display in the office and an award too!

It’s May already- can we still get involved?

Yes!! Just get in touch- The beauty of this challenge is that it can sometimes take one phone call to a connection to trade the paperclip for a star prize!

When is the celebration event?

It will be after work in early July- location, time and date TBC

What is in the fundraising pack?

  • 5 copies of a letter of authority to collect for us (a PDF will also be emailed)
  • 5 charity leaflets to give to supporters (contact us if you need more!)
  • A proud to support Candlelighters poster to display in the office
  • The all important Big Pink PaperClip

If you or your business would like to take part, please email to request your pack!

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