Becoming a Partner


 – Increased employee engagement

 – Improving brand reputation through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

– Improving work place culture through team building events and fundraising success

– Promotion of fundraising through the charity resulting in increased publicity of the business

– The opportunity to make a difference in your community and support a local charity that provides vital support for children
and families affected by childhood cancer

There are many ways businesses work with Candlelighters, mainly with Charity of the Year partnerships, Charity of Choice or Sponsorship.
Here is some information about each type of support and how the team will help you with your fundraising.

By choosing Candlelighters as your Charity of the Year, your business can really get involved in all the various seasonal activities
we have going on, meaning you don’t miss out on anything. The Corporate Partnerships Team love being able to work with
businesses over the year, to develop relationships so that we can offer ideas and support which are relevant to the individual business.

Some businesses choose to continue supporting Candlelighters long term as a “Charity of Choice”. This is a great option for
the business as it allows the business to develop a really close relationship with the charity and to see the longer term effects
of their fundraising. It is also beneficial for the charity as it allows the team to plan further ahead and invest
in larger family support and research projects.

We have a wide range of projects, events and campaigns which can be sponsored throughout the year.

Sponsoring an event can be a great way to promote your partnership with the charity and has benefits including promotion
on social media and our website, banners and logos on event materials and press releases.