What is Team 500?

Team 500 is a Team made up of brilliant businesses, who have chosen to donate or fundraise £500 or more, during one calendar year to support children and their families affected by cancer.

Why was Team 500 Created?

Team 500 was created in May 2020 in response to a sharp decline in fundraising following the COVID-19 pandemic, and the lockdown which affected all of our lives in so many ways. It quickly became an important part of our appeal.

You can read more about our appeal and how we adapted our services for our families here.

We were delighted that businesses chose to join Team 500 by making a one-off donation, fundraising or setting up a direct debit of £41.70 a month or more. Team 500 has since become a fundamental part of our fundraising at Candlelighters and we are thrilled that it has become a permanent fixture! We hope to welcome more new businesses who want to help support children with cancer and their families across Yorkshire.

Why do we need Team 500?

Following the nationwide lockdown in March 2020, fundraising at Candlelighters ground to a halt and we face a loss of nearly £500,000 from our core fundraising. A donation of £500 or more really can make a tangible difference to our work and the more businesses that are able to pledge this, the sooner we can begin to recover from the financial hit of COVID-19 and resume planning for the future. We decided to keep Team 500 because the only way we can keep our candle burning, and make sure it burns brighter than ever, is through partnerships like this with wonderful business supporters.

Why should you join Team 500?

We could give you 500 reasons why it’s a great idea to join Team 500, but here are our Top 5:

  1. It’s a great way to fulfil your CSR objectives

We believe that we are the perfect partner to help fulfil your CSR objectives. Team 500 is a simple way to make lasting change in your community, you’ll receive quarterly updates regarding the benefit of your donation, and make a very public commitment to our charity. Partnering with a high-profile charity such as Candlelighters can be hugely positive for your business and you will be joining a team made up of other socially responsible organisations.

  1. It’s excellent publicity for your business

Upon joining Team 500, your logo will be displayed below (for the duration of membership), and your membership will be announced on LinkedIn. You will also receive an email signature and graphic for your website to display as you choose, for as long as you are a member. We are also very happy to provide a quote for any further press you might wish to do around your participation in the Team.

  1. It’s a lovely way to support your local community

Your donation will support children and families across Yorkshire who are affected by childhood cancer. Our support starts from the moment a child is diagnosed with cancer and lasts for as long as we are needed, so the network of families supported by Candlelighters spans many cities, towns and villages in our amazing county. We will be able to provide you with case studies of the families you are helping to support every quarter, and you’ll also receive a monthly e-bulletin if you choose to find out more.

By joining Team 500 you can evidence to your staff, customers and clients that you are invested in helping others and have a commitment to supporting local families.

  1. It’s easy to join

Team 500 membership is incredibly flexible; you can choose to donate £500 directly or make monthly payments of £41.70 or more, each month. If donating is not for you, you can also choose to collect your £500 through workplace fundraising. Your business could take on a fundraising challenge for Candlelighters, or even set up a Cause-Related Marketing project, with proceeds of sales donated to our charity.

  1. It will make a huge difference to families

The £500 you donate or raise could fund a course of ten children’s talking therapy sessions for a patient or sibling. These sessions provide the essential space for a child to talk about how they are feeling and our trained therapist will help them to understand and cope with their emotions. For 40 years Candlelighters has brought light to children and their families in the darkest of times, by providing emotional, practical and financial support – your donation will help ensure that the light never goes out.

Who is part of Team 500?

Click here to see our amazing Team 500 members!

How can you join Team 500 too?

  1. Make your donation today
    You can make a one-off donation online, send a cheque made payable to Candlelighters to 8 Woodhouse Square, Leeds, LS3 1AD, or call us on 0113 322 9283 for our bank details. Please ensure we have your contact details so that we can organise your membership benefits.
  2.  Set up a recurring Direct Debit
    You can do that here, or give us a call or email if you would like to set up a standing order.
  3. Start fundraising
    We have plenty of ideas to get your workplace fundraising off to a flying start. You can take a look at a few of these here!

Please email sean.donnelly@candlelighters.org.uk or call 0113 322 9283 to speak to our team with any queries about setting up your membership today.