Cause-related Marketing

Cause-related Marketing (CRM) is an easy way to support Candlelighters, whilst raising awareness and improving the reputation of your brand. This mutually beneficial way of giving sees us work together to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer, in a way that best suits your business.

Perhaps you have a product you would like to donate a percentage of sales from? Or maybe you might like to donate a small percentage of your annual profit?

We are proud to be supported by organisations such as Frontline Security Services and Platinum Asset Protection, who donate 2.5% of gross turnover per annum and Kids Camping Store, who donate 10% of their total sales each year.

Donations such as this mean we can begin to plan for the future. They do not have to be large amounts; small, regular donations help to sustain our charity too.

By supporting Candlelighters through a CRM project you will receive:

  • Access to our name and ‘Proud to Support’ logo
  • Association with a high-profile charity – this route of support is a powerful marketing tool.
  • A simple Commercial Participation Agreement, written by us
  • A dedicated contact in the fundraising team who can help and advise with any element of your fundraising

Most importantly, by taking part, you will make a world of difference to children and families facing childhood cancer across Yorkshire.

Please get in touch with [email protected] if you are considering this route of fundraising or to find out more. We can talk you through the easy steps to help you get set up, including setting out a written agreement as is required by the fundraising regulator.

We would love for you to be the spark that keeps our candle burning by taking part in a CRM project, and help us to bring light and hope to families facing childhood cancer across Yorkshire.