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This week, fundraiser Dave Burrows is undertaking the incredible challenge to complete 7 triathlons in 7 days for Candlelighters!!

Fundraiser Dave Burrows taking on a previous challenge.

When explaining why he is undertaking such a difficult challenge for the charity Dave has said:

“Candlelighters is a fantastic charity who have helped many people and families across the region, but more specifically helped a friend of the club who unfortunately lost their son a few years ago. Candlelighters provided support during this terrible time, and this event has been put together to give something back.

With the support of others I can not only raise money to help people going through a similar thing, but will hopefully raise awareness of this fantastic charity helping people who have had their lives turned upside down in an instant.

Why triathlons? Wanting a new challenge, I began training towards my first competition a couple of years ago, almost starting from scratch with swimming as I only had the basic skills. Fast forward to now and I have completed several triathlons, beating my personal goals each time. I have also joined a fantastic triathlon team and swim squad, the Yorkshire Vikings, who will join me in this new challenge.

Why 7 triathlons in 7 days? Single triathlons have always been a challenge, but I wanted this event to be something that challenged me to my limits. Rather than simply increasing the distance of a single triathlon, I thought it would be much more interesting to hold a multi-event challenge, and hopefully raise a lot of money in the process!”

Post-event Update:

As well as beating his personal fitness goals, Dave also smashed his fundraising target raising a staggering total of £1495.73! A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who supported Dave, whether that was swimming alongside him, standing out in the early (and cold!) mornings to help set up equipment or sponsoring his challenge! 

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