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Sponsorship and fundraising - how to get started

Every single penny raised for Candlelighters goes towards providing support for Yorkshire children and teenagers affected by cancer and leukaemia and their families. Therefore, everything you as a fundraiser does to help really can make a huge difference to peoples' lives.

Whether you're holding a fundraising event at your workplace, school, local pub or club, or independently, sponsorship is often integral to raising money. Even when all the details of an event are organised, it can be difficult knowing how to gather those all-important funds - the reason you're doing it all in the first place!

If you are getting people to sponsor you for something, for example, to participate in the Great North Run, do it through us. Contact us today for a Candlelighters Sponsorship Form. This will help you keep your efforts official and easily manage your donations, and enable taxpayers to 'Gift Aid' their contributions (meaning we can claim 28p for every £ donated). Please ensure your sponsors have provided their full name and address on the sponsorship form and ticked the appropriate Gift Aid box. Or you can do it all online via the website. It's easy to set up your page by visiting or call 0800 028 6183 for more details.

Top fundraising tips!

1. Set yourself a target and tell people how much you are hoping to raise - a high target encourages sponsors to be very generous!

2. Always start your sponsorship form with your best sponsors. If the first person has pledged £20 or more, this will really set the trend!

Remember: don't ever feel guilty when you're seeking sponsors. Most people are happy to make a donation to help children with cancer.


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